4 ways Phoenix Mat can help your next hydropower project
September 21, 2020

A successful construction project doesn’t just take into account the work needed onsite. It also considers the effort needed to bring your team and any needed equipment to the site and back, without causing damage to the surrounding environment.

That’s where crane mats, also known as timber or access mats, can help your team.

Phoenix Mat crane mats can be used in a variety of ways for any hydropower project. Here are four ways you can use our timber mats for your next project.

1. Crane mats provide stability for large cranes and other construction equipment

Phoenix Mat crane mats provide a stable foundation for cranes to lift and maneuver large pallets of materials safely. They create a physical wood barrier between your equipment and the potentially-unstable ground beneath them, allowing your team to move and operate heavy machinery safely.

2. Crane mats help protect the equipment used in hydropower projects

Construction teams working on hydropower projects like dams experience a unique set of issues in their work. Equipment used for land-based projects must be used on top of bodies of water to complete the project.

So how do companies accomplish these physics-defying feats? By floating equipment on barges and other large ships.

Crane mats protect the decks of these ships from the treads of heavy machinery and any other damage that might be caused by the weight of construction equipment. In addition, they offer the stabilization that crane mats provide in land-based projects as well — which is especially helpful for platforms that sway with the waves of a body of water.

3. Timber mats can be used to create temporary roadways to construction job sites

Timber mats are helpful in getting work crews to and from job sites safely. Depending on the area you’re working in, you may find that your job site is near areas that contain buried pipes or other features you want to be especially careful around.

Timber mats allow you and your construction team to access your work site and move heavy machinery without damaging parts of the surrounding area.

While your team is onsite, access mats also create a safe and clean working environment for your team. They offer a lower risk of onsite injuries and incidents, which results in fewer worker’s compensation claims and less money spent by your company on these insurance claims.

4. Access mats help protect the surrounding landscape from damage

Access mats also help to minimize, and in some cases even eliminate, the impact a construction site has on the environment. They decrease the potential for ground disturbance directly underneath your worksite, and help to prevent contamination of the earth underneath and surrounding your construction project.

This is especially important for areas with delicate ecosystems that could be severely affected by construction work, as these areas often take years or even decades to fully recover.

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construction company using Phoenix Mat products in the construction of a dam