What to Know Before Purchasing Heavy Equipment Timber Mats
May 17, 2022

When you have an active construction site, you need road mats that hold up to the workday as well as your equipment. Choosing the right mat means you don’t have to worry about moving or stabilizing your gear for the duration of construction. Poor quality or lightweight mats may deteriorate before the project is done, forcing your team to buy a second set of mats to finish the job. If you’ve never used timber mats for heavy equipment before, here’s what you need to know before you buy.

When can you use timber mats for heavy equipment?

When there’s snow, rain, mud, or sand––anytime working conditions aren’t ideal––heavy equipment may get stuck or lose traction. In suboptimal conditions, timber mats create flexible infrastructure for job sites that’s easy to change as the build progresses and needs change.

You can also use timber mats to protect the existing environment where you’re operating or building. They can limit erosion and damage to the landscape. Even in areas with prime working conditions, throughout a build, heavy equipment moving over the same path over and over can create deep tracks.

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What other benefits are there to using timber mats?

Once an organization makes the switch to using timber mats for their heavy equipment, they notice there are myriad benefits to providing structure on a job or operation site. Here are a few of the additional benefits of timber mats.

Prevent contaminant seepage into groundwater.

In an active construction site, the groundwater is vulnerable to contamination. Using timber mats for heavy equipment adds an extra layer of protection to the surrounding waterways and ground. Timber mats create structure around a construction site, which can reinforce safety and environmental protection standards.

Safeguard your heavy equipment.

Heavy equipment isn’t built to drive through deep mud or snow. When you push equipment to its limits, you can damage it and ultimately shorten its lifespan.

Being strict about using timber mats means protecting the environment and your equipment.

Do timber mats come in different sizes?

Some companies provide standardized sizes of timber mats. However, when you work with a wood product specialist like Phoenix Mat, you can order customized products for your operation. Unlike other heavy equipment mats, timber mats can be built to your unique specifications. You can protect your equipment and the job site, no matter how challenging or unique the location.

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Are timber mats the only way to protect your heavy equipment?

Timber mats are just one kind of equipment matting you can install at a construction site. They have unique benefits that make them ideal for some operations but ill-suited for others. Here are some of the main advantages of choosing timber:

  • They’re one of the strongest mat types
  • Suitable for creating stable bases and roads for heavy equipment
  • They’re thick, making them some of the most durable

For unstable environments, timber mats offer stability and durability for even the heaviest equipment. Other types include:

  • Laminated and Cross-Laminated
  • Composite
  • Crane

A purveyor of construction mats will help you choose the right mats for your equipment and job site to balance durability, stability, and cost.

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