3 Responsible Harvesting Practices Utilized by Phoenix Mat
April 15, 2020

For years the lumber industry has faced an unfair amount of scrutiny derived from common misconceptions that all lumber mills and professionals working in the forestry business are ruthlessly cutting down trees to turn a quick profit while destroying vast amounts of forests. Unknown to many, the lumber industry is home to some of the most environmentally friendly businesses dedicated to the preservation of our forests. Responsible harvesting is practiced widely throughout the forestry industry through protocol and mindful practices that will continue to keep our beautiful forests thriving for centuries to come. Below we lay out some common practices to give you a better idea of what we do every day.

is the timber ready.

Timber, like any other living thing, goes through a life-cycle. Proper management of mature timber allows the younger trees to be healthier. The larger tree tops found in mature timber soaks in most of the sunlight and precipitation needed to maintain a vibrant future growth of profitable timber. Is your timberland ready to start growing again?

is the market ready.

Before any timber is cut, the market should be ready for it? Confidence in the marketability of the timber, domestic or internationally, is key in making the decision of when to harest mature timberland.

Best managent practices used.

It is crucial that the forest, streams and fields are protected as much as possible during the harvest. Following best managent practices or BMP's is the industry standard. The utilization of matting to cross streams, trucking ingress and egress and communication with the land-owner and/or forester are some key parts. A full list of BMP guidelines for Indiana can be viewed at, https://www.in.gov/dnr/forestry/files/fo-2005_Forestry_BMP_Field_Guide.pdf

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this is a photo of a tree in a phoenix mat forest