Swartzentruber Sawmill: Tree Harvesting and Timber Clearing
June 2, 2020

Tree harvesting, also known as timber clearing, has been necessary for the survival and growth of societies around the world, including the United States over 100 years before its founding. This essential service remains incredibly needed today, especially for construction projects. Read ahead to learn more about tree harvesting, its invaluable role in our society, and how Swartzentruber Sawmill can provide you with every timber-related service or product you could ever need.

What Is Tree Harvesting?

Tree harvesting is the act of cutting down trees and transporting them to sawmills. It has been an important component to both logging and road construction since the early 17th century. Though the processed wood that came from logging in those times would often be used to make ships, it was also a crucial element for people building homes. Logging gave people the ability to build homes and protect themselves from the elements, and it also provided many careers in woodworking and construction. 

Logging became essential to the economic development of settlers arriving in Jamestown, Virginia. The employment opportunities were considerable, especially as the demand increased with the arrival of new settlers. This demand eventually became an important factor in the decision for many settlers to head west in the 1800s. By the 20th century, states such as Washington and Oregon in the Northwest had become among the largest contributors to logging in the United States.

Tree harvesting has never been easy work. Those in the industry would work long hours in potentially dangerous situations. Thankfully, with the invention of cranes and other logging equipment, the job has become far less precarious. Still, it requires an understanding of the environment, safety procedures, physical capability, and much more. 

Tree Harvesting and the Environment

Here at Swartzentruber Sawmill, we take tree harvesting and its effect on the environment very seriously. That's why we take extreme care in ensuring that your forest is worth cutting in the first place, weighing it against any potential consequences for the environment or your neighbors. Once we've consulted with you, examined your land, and determined that a tree harvesting is both ethical and safe, we'll proceed with the project.

Another benefit of working with Swartzentruber Sawmill is that we make the process as straightforward, convenient, and affordable as possible. Unlike most logging services, we'll provide you with a free quote for your forest and property. We keep the cost of production as low as possible, all while adhering to the best practices and industry standards. This is made easy by our qualified staff of experienced professionals, as they operate all necessary equipment with the utmost precaution and skill.

Contact Swartzentruber Sawmill Today

If you'd like to work with industry experts in tree harvesting and timber clearing, look no further than Swartzentruber Sawmill. We offer a wide variety of services, including free property estimates, wood product sales, timber harvesting, and much more. 

You can reach out to us by phone at +1 812-362-3350 or by email at mike@phoenixmat.com. You can also stop by our location at 13162 East 1200 North Odon, Indiana.

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