Tips for using timber pallets from an Indiana timber company
September 17, 2021

Wood pallets are an incredibly versatile product to work with on a variety of different kinds of projects for different uses. Whether you’re using them inside or outside of your home, there are tons of different places they can fit in as a useful, visually-appealing element of your space. Before you decide to work with pallets, though, it’s important to do some research and know how much it costs to harvest the timber for them, some of the best uses for them, and some of the benefits of using them for these purposes.

Phoenix Mat harvests timber and provides a variety of wood products for use in construction work, DIY projects, and more. We provide top-quality service to a number of clients in the Midwest, and we’re proud to be a favored supplier of products like wood pallets to these clients for that very reason. In this blog post, we’ll cover some details you should know before buying wood pallets such as the cost of harvesting them, some reasons they might be a good choice for your next project, and some of the different types of ways you can use them.

How much does it cost to harvest timber pallets?

Harvesting your standing timber is a great way to easily get access to wood you can use for pallets, and as a licensed harvester, we’re the Midwest company to go with if that’s something you’re interested in. We offer free estimates for wood harvesting, and the factors that go into the number we’ll quote you are covered in this blog post. They essentially boil down to the quality, diameter, height, and species of the trees on your property.

But why harvest your own timber for pallets instead of just buying them yourself? Truthfully, harvesting is probably a better option if your plan is to sell the pallets or anything you make using them. Doing it this way can provide an excellent financial return that you can enjoy every 10-15 years or so if your timber is harvested sustainably, as it is when you work with us. To learn more about this, check out our blog post on free timber estimates.

Why work with timber pallets?

There are plenty of great reasons to use wood pallets in your next DIY or construction project. They’re a great way to save money, as they’re a relatively inexpensive wood building resource. Additionally, they’re very favorable to recycling, in large part because they have so many different potential uses that when they’re no longer needed for one purpose, they’re still perfectly suitable for a different one.

Pallet wood is also very visually appealing to many people, which makes it a great addition to both indoor and outdoor home projects. Depending on how you decide to use them, they might even raise the value of your home or make it easier to sell when you show it off to potential buyers. Read on for more details on what exactly this might look like.

What can you use timber pallets for?

Wood pallets can be used just about anywhere for a wide variety of different purposes. They’re great for furniture, interior and exterior accenting, landscaping, and more. Indoors, some of the different types of furniture you could use them for include coffee tables, desks, bookshelves, shoe organizers, and stools. They’re also a great material to use for wall art and other decorative uses.

Outside your home, you can take a wood pallet apart to create a visually-appealing pathway through a garden or some other area of your space. You can also use them to create outdoor swings, benches, and interesting casings for light fixtures. If you’re a gardener, they’re an excellent resource with which to create standing plant beds and flower boxes.

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