What types of industries benefit from access matting?
March 16, 2022

Access matting is an essential part of any construction site.

From pipeline construction to residential developments, access mats offer a safe, stable area for heavy-duty equipment and workers alike.

It’s especially crucial if you’re working in places with uneven ground or excess moisture. But what industries truly benefit from access matting? And should you consider using them for your next project?

You’d be surprised to learn that access mats have various uses. And they come in handy for many reasons, from lumber clearing to residential construction sites. Here are a few industries that regularly use access mats, why they use them and how they might be an excellent addition to your construction site.

Power distribution and transmission

The development and construction of power lines, generators, powerplants and more takes a lot of time. There are many moving parts and several different kinds of materials needed for safe, practical construction. Access matting keeps equipment and materials secure and clean, which expedites the building process. They also offer a level area for workers to complete their tasks.

Oil construction sites

Whether it’s new development or extensive repair of an existing site, oil construction is an involved industry. And similarly to power construction, they require plenty of heavy-duty equipment. Also, since oil is such a vital resource, it’s crucial to maintain a safe working environment. Access mats give you plenty of room to spread out, keeping your site clear and dry.

Gas construction sites

Gas systems often need upgrades, restorations and adjustments. From residential and commercial to industrial systems, gas construction is quite in-depth and can be a dangerous working environment. Many workers in the gas construction and repair industry utilize access mats to move equipment and store materials as they make updates and repairs.

Pipeline construction

Similar to oil and gas construction, pipelines have many large pieces of equipment. However, pipeline construction often happens further out away from civilization. There is a higher chance of uneven terrain and slippery conditions. This is when access mats come in handy; they offer a level space for safe storage and secure working conditions.

General residential or commercial construction

Access mats are a helpful tool for any construction site, and not just because they offer a reliable place for equipment and materials. They also protect the environment around them, ensuring the terrain nearby isn’t impacted as much as direct contact. It can also lessen excess water runoff and reduce the risk of compromising the soil.

Regardless of your industry, access mats are highly versatile and can offer plenty of ways to improve your worksite. And with the right kind of access mat, you can feel safe knowing you’ve created an ideal working space no matter your environment or climate.

Here at Phoenix Mat, we work with all kinds of companies and businesses to provide them with high-quality access mats for their project. Our job is to ensure you have everything you need to create a reliable, safe construction site for your workers. Want to learn more about our services? Contact us today!

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